I have been here for two years now, and I feel like I’m at home. I get treated very well from my awesome nurses and aides and I love them all. I always participate in activities and join all the parties they may have in the solarium. I like dancing, singing, and taking pictures on holidays. I love this place and participate in every event they may have. I recommend this place for anyone who needs a good place to stay and to anyone who needs amazing treatment.

Irene M. Gambino

My experience at Oxford Rehab Center so far has been excellent. Since I was discharged from the hospital and got admitted this facility, I’ve felt very good. I love the nurses and the CNAs, they all go above and beyond to be very helpful and kind. I like the food here it is always tasty and good. I also love the activities they have every day. I play Bingo, Samba, and I also like to do puzzles. I do recommend Oxford Rehab Center for whoever needs good care.

Jacqueline A. Belchic

I had a real good experience at Oxford Rehab. I came here from St. Mary hospital and my doctor recommended it to me. I definitely feel way more improved than I was before. I had a stroke a couple years ago and now I feel way stronger on my legs and arm muscle right now. I can move better and feel better all because of the wonderful therapy team they have at Oxford Center. I am thankful for my stay at Oxford because they have given me the strength that I need to feel more confident in myself.

Marie Firestone

The nurses here are very helpful and kind. I like the therapist too; she is a nice lady and very professional. She helped me get more motivation and stronger. I go to the gym everyday for my exercises. I like playing on the elliptical and working out on the stepping machine. I feel stronger on my legs and arms than before treatment. I respect everyone here and appreciate their help. I recommend this facility for anyone who needs good nursing and excellent treatment.

Linda R. Beeman

I have a very nice comfortable and clean room. The bathroom is very close, which is convenient for me. I like my CNA Wendy; she is an awesome person, and she’s very thoughtful and caring when taking care of me. Also, I love the gym because I enjoy talking to my therapist and doing my exercises. Now I’m able to move my body more and do more steps than before. I love the food too; it’s appetizing and delicious. I love Oxford Rehab and I recommend it to others.

Barbara H. Mayberry

I had a great experience at Oxford Rehab Center. My doctor at the hospital recommended it to me and it was a great choice to pick this facility. I like it because they are taking care of me from the moment I wake up until I’m put back in bed. The physical therapy is fantastic, and I enjoy going to the gym to exercise. I can easily walk now because of their methods. They put some weight on my legs to improve my endurance and strength. I also exercise on the elliptical to target my leg muscles. I feel that I have gotten stronger in my legs, and now I can walk 100 feet without feeling tired.  I also love the activities they have for patients. I had my nails done and got my picture with Santa. I recommend this place to anyone who needs help because they will get good care and treatments.

Barbara M. Thomas

I will recommend Oxford Rehab for anyone who needs help. After twenty years at this facility, I can tell this is my home. The people here are my family, they treat me very well and with full respect. The nurses here are very respectful and professional. I love the activities that we do here, it helps me keep motivation. I also like the food, it’s very appetizing and yummy. The care I receive here makes me feel like I live with my family. I suggest this place to anyone wants to get good care and great treatment.

Charles B. Kuhar

It has been a great experience at Oxford. It’s a great place and has a great team working there. I’m glad that I picked this place from the list that I had in the hospital. It was a great choice. I made a good relationship with my roommate, and we swapped phone numbers. I like the Physical Therapy. They are doing an awesome job with me. I do exercise every day with them, and I feel like I got more strength in my muscles. I love the food here its exactly the way I like it, it’s very tasty, especially the fish and the chicken.  I recommend this place to anyone wants to feel like they are home.

Rosemarie Mayer

I had a very good experience at Oxford. I picked this place because it was one of the top places in this area and it had five stars. I spent a couple of weeks here and I loved the place. It’s a very nice building with a great crew. Physical Therapy is my favorite. I enjoy the time that have, and I spend it in the gym. The team there is very professional and outstanding. I finally can go to the bathroom by myself, and I see that as a big progress. I also like the food here, it is delicious. I highly recommend Oxford Rehab Center for anybody who needs a good rehab place.

Joan C. Crosby

I like Oxford Rehab Center and I recommend it for anyone who needs help. I like this place because they give me all the care that I need to get better. The people here are very nice and they have outstanding nursing. CNA’s always check in on me to see if I need anything. I like the physical therapy here. The therapist is very friendly and patient with me. I can feel that I’m getting better here every day, I can now walk 31 feet without a walker. I also got better on my arms strength. Now I can push myself onto the wheelchair and go to the gym by myself. I recommend this place for anyone who needs good physical therapy.

Jeanne M. Brady

I like the nursing care here at Oxford.  I am finally starting to feel better since I’ve come here from the hospital.  I really like the therapy; I wish I could receive more each day. They make me stronger and stronger each day. I would definitely recommend this place to others!

Ameen Moses

My experience at Oxford Rehab so far has been wonderful. My daughter chose Oxford because she heard great things about the rehab here, and they have been amazing!  Megan really takes her time and helps me to walk. Each day I’m taking more and more steps.  It’s a very nice building and a very clean therapy gym. The nurse AnneMarie has been very helpful and kind.  I would definitely recommend Oxford to anyone who needs rehab to get stronger!

Rosemarie Jones

I had a real good experience at Oxford Rehab.  I came here from St. Mary Hospital and chose Oxford because of the location. The therapy department has been excellent! They have me up and moving much better than before. I also enjoyed the activities and bingo.

James Edwards

I have been living at Oxford Personal Care for the past six months. I recently had a fall in my apartment and ended up in the hospital. My daughter who is a doctor suggested that I come here for rehabilitation before going back home. I am so grateful for the rehab department – I CAN WALK AGAIN! The hard work was stressful, but it was for my own good. I am glad to be able to go home now, and that it’s just across the parking lot.

Amelia Thorpe

I have been on oxygen for the past 5 years. When I arrived at Oxford Rehab in mid-December of last year, I was on 3L continuous oxygen with a portable tank that I had to carry around with me everywhere. Patrick from Respiratory Therapy worked closely with me to start weaning me down. Unfortunately, shortly after I got here, I tested positive for COVID. Patrick said I may have setbacks, but he continued to work with me every day; he was a DOLL! He was able to get me completely off of oxygen during the day! I no longer have to carry that heavy tank around all day! I would also love to say how wonderful the therapy department is here at Oxford. There are several nurses who have been great during my stay: Sandy, Stacy, Natalie, Anna, and Yelena!

Francine Sweeney

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